Dinner, Friday, April 28, 2017
A menu celebrating Carol Field

Antipasti: watercress and radishes with chickpea purée, grissini wrapped in prosciutto, and black olives, $13
Cannard Farm rocket with marinated beets, crème fraîche, and mint, $12
Butter lettuce with avocado, Ruby grapefruit, and citrus vinaigrette, $13
Baked Andante Dairy goat cheese with garden lettuces, $13
Garden lettuces, $9
Pizzetta with artichokes, egg, and bottarga di muggine, $20
Celery and sweet pea soup with Meyer lemon and herb butter, $9



House-made rigatoni with fava beans, escarole, rosemary, and ricotta salata, $22
Shellfish stew cooked in the fireplace with saffron, wild fennel,
fettunta, and maionese, $30
Mendocino Organics pork shoulder braised in red wine with baby carrots,
stone-ground polenta, and green olive relish, $27
Northern halibut with English peas, new potatoes, and ginger beurre blanc, $35
Grilled Riverdog Farm chicken al mattone with asparagus,
fried spring onions, and sage, $27
Pizza with broccoli di ciccio and fresh sheep’s milk ricotta, $22

Side orders: A plate of olives or anchovies, $5 each


A bowl of Churchill-Brenneis Orchard Pixie tangerines
and Flying Disc Ranch dates, $10
Rhubarb galette with vanilla ice cream, $12
Carol’s amor polenta cake with strawberries, blueberries, and crema da montare $12
Almond panna cotta with Cara Cara and navel oranges,
candied kumquats, and lingue di gatto, $12
Affogato: Vanilla or chocolate ice cream with warm espresso
and Carol Field’s morsi dolci assortment, $12