Dinner, Friday August 28, 2015

Celebrating 44 years of Chez Panisse
And 20 years of Edible Education

Little Gems lettuce with creamy avocado dressing, green coriander, lime,
and radishes, $10

Heirloom tomato and cucumber salad with fried capers and aïoli, $11

Cannard Farm rocket with roasted figs, toasted almonds, sage,
and prosciutto, $12

Garden lettuces, $9

Baked Andante Dairy goat cheese with garden lettuces, $12

Pizzetta with chanterelle mushrooms and gremolata, $19

Summer vegetable minestrone with pounded herbs, $9

Hand-torn pasta with basil pesto, Romano beans, new potatoes,
and Parmesan, $19

Fried Riverdog Farm chicken breast with shell beans, roasted peppers,
and tomatillo relish, $26

Northern halibut baked in a fig leaf with green beans, gingery beets,
and carrot raita, $33

Grass-fed beef brisket braised in red wine with polenta, snap peas,
and horseradish salsa verde, $29

Pan-roasted scallops with fennel purée, cherry tomatoes, chiles,
and marjoram, $34

Pizza with sweet peppers, bottarga, and mint, $20

Side orders: A plate of olives, anchovies, or olive oil, $5 each

A bowl of Lagier Ranches Bronx grapes
and a Frog Hollow Farm Flavor King pluot, $9

Dapple Dandy plum galette with lemon verbena ice cream, $12

Almond-cornmeal cake with Dirty Girl Farm strawberries
and crème Chantilly, $12

Crème fraîche panna cotta with roasted Black Mission figs, raspberries,
and almond biscotti, $12

Clay’s chocolate ice cream with bittersweet chocolate sauce
and a chocolate cookie, $12

Our produce, meat, poultry, and fish comes from farms, ranches, and fisheries guided by principles of sustainability.
Dinnerware by Heath Ceramics, Sausalito, California
Water provided upon request