Three-course menu, $75

January 6
Cannard Farm chicories with golden beets, toasted almonds,
and Banyuls vinaigrette
Richard Olney’s wild mushroom pudding soufflé
with black truffles and grilled leeks
Galette des rois, satsuma tangerines, and kumquats

January 13
Fried new onions, Meyer lemons, and cauliflower
with coconut–cilantro chutney
Spiced vegetable biryani with almonds, raisins and ginger raita
Blood orange ice cream and sherbet with cardamom shortbread

January 20
Sicilian blood orange salad with black olives, and fennel
Lasagne verde with winter greens and wild mushrooms
Caramel ice cream pasticcini with bittersweet chocolate sauce

January 27
Moroccan chickpea and lentil soup with sizzled coriander seed
Paula Wolfert’s seven vegetables in the Manner of Fez
with couscous and harissa
Wildflower honey ice cream with blood orange sherbet
and Page mandarins

2020-01-11 15:16:59