Week of September 15-20, 2014

Monday, September 15 $65
Cannard Farm eggplant and red pepper salad with pine nuts, lemon, and mint
Entraña con chimichurri: Grilled BN Ranch hanger steak with shell beans
cooked in olive oil, roasted tomatoes, and chimichurri sauce
Apple and raspberry crostada with crème fraîche

Tuesday, September 16 $85
Provençal onion and tomato galette with black olives and mesclun salad
Soupe au pistou with cured Northern Pacific halibut
Cattail Creek Ranch leg of lamb à la ficelle with cumin, smoky eggplants,
and onion rings
Fresh fennel seed crème caramel with roasted figs and raspberries

Wednesday, September 17 $85
Home-made mozzarella with tomatoes, basil, and squash blossom fritters
Roasted Monterey Bay ling cod in rich broth with wild fennel
Spit-roasted Becker Lane pork loin with sage and Meyer lemon,
summer chanterelles, Cannard Farm shell beans, and herb salad
Plum and toasted almond profiteroles with Rio Oso peaches

Thursday, September 18 $85
An All-fish Menu
Spicy Monterey Bay halibut tartare with cucumbers and anise hyssop
Bouillabaisse à la Chez Panisse cooked in the fireplace and served in two courses:
Soupe de poissons with rouille and croûtons
Pacific fish and shellfish with tomatoes and wild fennel
Raspberry baked Alaska

Friday, September 19 $100
An apéritif
Petite friture of shellfish with tomato salad and gremolata
Hand-cut amaranth fettuccine with summer chanterelles, squash blossoms,
and pancetta
Liberty duck cooked two ways with Lucques olives, fennel cooked with its pollen,
and roasted peppers
Strawberry sherbet and passion fruit ice cream with coconut meringue

Saturday, September 20 $100
An apéritif
Bolinas black cod terrine with fennel salad and aïoli
Wild mushroom agnolotti in herb brodo
Grilled Magruder Ranch grass-fed beef rib-eye with thyme and anchovy butter,
Little Gem lettuces wilted with mirepoix, fried potatoes, and watercress
Brown butter pear tart with raspberries