Downstairs dinner menus for October 22-29, 2016

Saturday, October 22 $125
Insalata di mare with spot prawns, scallops, local halibut, cucumbers, and tarragon
Agnolotti in brodo with chanterelle mushrooms and sage
Grilled BN Ranch beef tagliata with potato and green tomato gratin, black kale,
and Corno di Toro peppers
Passionfruit ice cream and coconut sorbetto meringata

Monday, October 24 $75
Kari’s chicories with creamy Meyer lemon dressing, smoked Bolinas black cod, dill,
and pickled beets
Elliott Ranch lamb rack, loin, and leg grilled over rosemary branches
with garlicky green beans, fried onion rings, and tapenade
Pink Lady apple and currant galette with Calvados ice cream

Tuesday, October 25 $100
Cannard Farm filet bean and roasted pepper salad with salted halibut fritters
and basil vinaigrette
Parmesan agnolotti in red kabocha squash brodo with sage
Grilled Sonoma County duck breast and braised leg with roasted quince,
straw potato cake, and erbette chard with ginger
Valencia orange sorbetto and vanilla bean parfait with mulberry granita

Wednesday, October 26 $100 All Seafood Menu
Grilled scallops with frisée, crispy pancetta, and gold beet and Meyer lemon relish
Monterey Bay squid cooked in the fireplace with red wine and tomato;
with rosemary noodles
Northern halibut steamed in chard leaves with anchovy butter, glazed carrots
and turnips, roasted watermelon radishes, and Scarlet Frills mustard greens
Warren pear tart with huckleberries and crème fraîche

Thursday, October 27 $100
Brandywine tomato and onion galette with shaved radish salad and watercress
Pan-roasted Bolinas black cod with sunchoke purée, crispy beets,
and picholine olive tapenade
Grilled Wolfe Ranch quail with warm chicories, chanterelle mushrooms,
roasted fall vegetables, and sherry vinaigrette
Bittersweet chocolate soufflé with Chartreuse crème anglaise

Friday, October 28 $125 Paul Bertolli, Guest Chef
Shellfish salad with heart lettuces, vegetables julienne, and lobster essence
House-milled pasta integrale from Frassinetto wheat berries with chanterelles
and lobster mushrooms
Paine Farm pigeon marinated in late harvest Riesling with braised cabbage,
honey-glazed turnips, and sauce abattis
Roasted Comice pear with sheep’s-milk ricotta, Merlot saba, walnuts,
and aceto balsamico from Old Monticello Organic Farms

Saturday, October 29 $125 Paul Bertolli, Guest Chef
True cod “impannato,” Italian chicories, fennel, olives, and gremolata
Tenuta Colombara Carnaroli risotto alla milanese
Grilled brochette of BN Ranch beef filet with autumn vegetables,
purée of parsley root, and last-of-the-season tomato confit
Lisbon lemon floating island