Downstairs dinner menus for October 25-November 1, 2014

Saturday, October 25 $100
An apéritif
Pissaladière: Provençal onion galette with black olives and DeeAnn’s mesclun salad
Petite bouillabaisse of Pacific fish and shellfish with tomatoes and fennel
Grilled Wolfe Ranch quail with creamy garlic sauce, savoy spinach, chanterelles,
and crispy polenta
Pear sherbet and Beaumes-de-Venise ice cream bombe glacée

Monday, October 27 $65
Leek fritters with watercress and pistachio salad
Couscous bil hut: Tunisian-style fish couscous with turnips, leafy greens,
and harissa
Pomegranate granita and pear sherbet with fall fruit

Tuesday, October 28 $85
Butternut squash galette with sage and carrot salad
Moroccan-style fish stew with green olives and preserved lemon
Grilled Elliot Ranch lamb with quince and saffron sauce, cipolline onions
and chanterelles cooked in the coals, and chard fritters
Persimmon pudding with Warren pear and crème chantilly

Wednesday, October 29 $85
Roasted shrimp-stuffed Monterey Bay squid with garden salad
Fall vegetable and Chino Ranch shell bean soup with rosemary and Parmesan
Grilled Becker Lane pork loin with chestnuts, fried sage, parsnip purée,
and wilted greens
Apple-quince jalousie tart

Thursday, October 30 $85
Seared sea scallops with endive salad, coriander, and ginger
Kabocha squash soufflé with chestnut cream and savoy spinach
Spit-roasted Mountain Ranch chicken with chanterelle and garlic sauce,
Bob’s potato and olive oil purée,onion rings, and garden salad
Huckleberry and Meyer lemon ice cream profiteroles

Friday, October 31 $100
An apéritif
Smoked Bolinas black cod and Treviso chicory salad with crème fraîche
and salmon caviar
Wild greens and ricotta ravioli with walnut and garlic sauce
Grilled Magruder Ranch grass-fed beef rib eye with green peppercorns,
wild mushrooms,straw potato cake, and DeeAnn’s garden salad
Candied orange ice cream and chocolate sherbet meringata

Saturday, November 1 $100
An apéritif
Mendocino porcini and fennel salad with mint and prosciutto
Grilled sea scallops with chanterelles, leeks, and Champagne beurre blanc
Roasted breast and braised leg of Liberty duck with juniper, roasted vegetables,
and watercress salad
Bittersweet chocolate tart with hazelnut praline and Cognac cream