May 2-7, 2016

Monday, May 2 $75
Riverdog Farm baby red romaine and Dungeness crab salad with sauce ravigote
Spit-roasted Llano Seco Ranch pork loin with morel mushroom gratin,
fava bean purée, and spring onions
Apache apricot galette with Beaumes-de-Venise ice cream

Tuesday, May 3 $100
Asparagus fritters with sauce mousseline and herb salad
Risi e bisi: sweet pea risotto with pancetta and sage
Dal Porto Ranch spring lamb cooked in the fireplace with roasted artichokes
and new potatoes, fennel, and marjoram salsa verde
Strawberry île flottante with candied rose petals

Wednesday, May 4 $100
California halibut carpaccio with artichoke salad and fried capers
Pasta al forno with morel mushrooms and green peas
Grilled breast and confit leg of Sonoma County duck
with fava bean and chard gratin, glazed turnips
and parsley sauce
Frozen cassata with strawberry sorbetto

Thursday, May 5 $100 El Cinco de Mayo!
Yellowtail jack ceviche with Chino Ranch orange chiles, cucumbers,
and green coriander
Sweet pea soup with Dungeness crab, celery, and crema
Wolfe Ranch quail grilled with cumin seeds; with morel mushrooms,
fried stone-ground polenta, and verdolagas greens
Cinnamon ice cream and chocolate sherbet with candied kumquats

Friday, May 6 $125
Slow-baked wild king salmon and endive salad with rhubarb-mint salsa
Morel mushroom brodo with deep-fried asparagus
Spit-roasted Becker Lane Farm pork loin with sweet peas, new-crop Bintje potatoes,
and wild fennel sauce
Bittersweet chocolate fondant with noyau ice cream and roasted apricots

Saturday, May 7$125
Shaved asparagus and sheep’s-milk ricotta salad with asparagus fritters
and green garlic
Hand-cut saffron linguine with Gulf shrimp, sweet peas, and basil
Magruder Ranch beef rib-eye with red wine sauce,
potato and wild mushroom gratin,
and Scarlet Frills mustard greens
Strawberry sorbetto with pistachio torta and crème Chantilly