Dear friends of Chez Panisse,

These past two years, the take-out operations here have thoroughly altered the landscape of the building. There has been a refrigerator in the dining room, stacks of boxes where people once sat, and various assembly lines throughout the restaurant and cafe, which at times have made things seem unrecognizable.

We closed for the month of January to put everything back together and make space for tables and chairs again, in hopes that we would open this week. However, with COVID disruptions as they currently are, we need a few more weeks and have decided to offer a take-out menu for the month of February. We have been closed for a long time, and to open when case numbers are higher in Alameda County than they have ever been, is not a choice that we are ready to make.

The news is hopeful that this current wave will pass quickly and we can soon let customers through our doors again. Since many of our systems have been packed up and put away, the menu will be slightly modified to reflect what we are able to offer this month. We will be open for take-out from Wednesday–Saturday, 12–7 p.m., with the same pre-ordering system.

Varun Mehra
General Manager