Three-course menu, $75

September 9
Golden and red tomato soups à la Panisse
David Tanis’s lasagna verde with fall greens and ricotta
Grilled peaches with raspberry ice cream

September 16
Onion galette with Ross’s garden salad
Soupe au pistou cooked in the hearth with ricotta raviolini and basil
Autumn Glow nectarines with honey ice cream

September 23
A book signing dinner with Jonathan Safran Foer
Grilled chanterelle mushroom toasts with warm frisée salad
Moroccan eggplant tagine with couscous and chermoula
Mulberry granita with nectarine and strawberry sherbets

September 30
Fried fall vegetables with tomato chutney
Niloufer’s green curry with rice pilaf and raita
Mulberry, nectarine, and noyau ice cream bombe

2019-08-31 13:03:21